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We can come to your school too!

Learn to write booksWriting is a very important part of the curriculum in schools today.  As teachers, it is in our interest to motivate children’s writing.  Often teachers use books to inspire students in their writing. Children enjoy hearing how the author had to go through the writing process to get their book published.

Being a retired elementary school teacher I have noticed when we had an author visit our school it truly sparked interest in the students.  I would like to come to your school to share my writing experience with your students.  The presentation is about the history of Mardi Gras and the writing process.  We would discuss the steps they use in writing and how they are similar to the steps an author uses.  I want to share my book with them and discuss the entire process from the first thought to a published book.

I will have copies of my book Mardi Gras an Alphabet Parade available for purchase.  If you are interested in me coming to your school you may contact me at I will spend the entire day at your school talking to students and teachers.

Here is a nice article that says it all.

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